Jiaxin Bai 白佳欣

About Me

Photod by Ying Jing

I am a PhD student in the CSE department at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I began my studies in the fall of 2020 under the supervision of Professor Yangqiu Song. My research interests primarily lie in knowledge graph reasoning and natural language understanding. Prior to my current pursuit, I obtained two bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and General Business Management from the Interdisciplinary Program Office of HKUST.

Email: jbai@connect[dot]ust[dot]hk


  • [May 2024] Two papers are accepted by KDD-2024. See you in Barcelona!
  • [May 2024] We hold the tutorial of "New Frontiers of Knowledge Graph Reasoning: Recent Advances and Future Trends" in WWW-2024 [slides]
  • [May 2024] Two papers are accepted by ACL-2024. Lets catch up in Thailand!!!
  • [Dec 2023] Some papers on KG reasoning are put to Arxiv, please check it out.
  • [Nov 2023] Welcome to our poster session in NeurIPS-2023~
  • [Sep 2023] Back to HK, welcome to catch up with me!
  • [Sep 2023] One paper is accepted by NeurIPS.
  • [Jun 2023] We release the code for Complex Eventuality Query Answering and Sequential Query Encoding. Welcome to use!
  • [Jun 2023] I start my intern at Amazon Search at Palo Alto, CA.
  • [Jun 2023] One paper is accepted by TMLR
  • [May 2023] One paper is accepted by KDD-2023
  • [May 2023] One paper is accepted by Findings of ACL-2023

Selected Publications

Knowledge Graph Reasoning

[KDD] Understanding Inter-Session Intentions via Complex Logical Reasoning
Jiaxin Bai, Chen Luo, Zheng Li, Qingyu Yin, Yangqiu Song
KDD-2024 [paper]
[KDD] Privacy-Preserving Neural Graph Databases
Qi Hu, Haoran Li, Jiaxin Bai, Yangqiu Song
KDD-2024 [paper]
[ACL] Advancing Abductive Reasoning in Knowledge Graphs through Complex Logical Hypothesis Generation
Jiaxin Bai*, Yicheng Wang*, Tianshi Zheng, Yue Guo, Xin Liu, Yangqiu Song
ACL-2024 [paper]
[ACL] CANDLE: Iterative Conceptualization and Instantiation Distillation from Large Language Models for Commonsense Reasoning
Weiqi Wang, Tianqing Fang, Chunyang Li, Haochen Shi, Wenxuan Ding, Baixuan Xu, Zhaowei Wang, Jiaxin Bai, Xin Liu, Jiayang Cheng, Chunkit Chan, Yangqiu Song
ACL-2024 [paper]
[NeurIPS] Complex Query Answering on Eventuality Knowledge Graph with Implicit Logical Constraints
Jiaxin Bai, Xin Liu, Weiqi Wang, Chen Luo, Yangqiu Song
NeurIPS-2023 [paper][code]
[KDD] Knowledge Graph Reasoning over Entities and Numerical Values
Jiaxin Bai, Chen Luo, Zheng Li, Qingyu Yin, Bing Yin, Yangqiu Song
KDD-2023 [paper][code]
[TMLR] Sequential Query Encoding For Complex Query Answering on Knowledge Graphs
Jiaxin Bai*, Tianshi Zheng*, Yangqiu Song
Transactions of Machine Learning Research [paper][code]
[ACL] FolkScope: Intention Knowledge Graph Construction for E-commerce Commonsense Discovery
Changlong Yu, Weiqi Wang, Xin Liu, Jiaxin Bai, Yangqiu Song, Zheng Li, Yifan Gao, Tianyu Cao, Bing Yin
ACL-2023 (Findings) [paper][code]
[NAACL] Query2Particles: Knowledge Graph Reasoning with Particle Embeddings
Jiaxin Bai, Zihao Wang, Hongming Zhang, Yangqiu Song
NAACL-2022 (Findings) [paper][code]

Language Modeling and Representation Learning

[EACL] Joint Coreference Resolution and Character Linking for Multiparty Conversation
Jiaxin Bai, Hongming Zhang, Yangqiu Song, Kun Xu
EACL-2021 [paper][code]
[EMNLP] ZEN: Pre-training Chinese Text Encoder Enhanced by N-gram Representations
Shizhe Diao, Jiaxin Bai, Yan Song, Tong Zhang, Yonggang Wang
ENMLP-2020 (Findings) [paper][code]
[EMNLP] Multi-Relational Word Embeddings for Selectional Preferences
Hongming Zhang*, Jiaxin Bai* , Yan Song, Kun Xu, Changlong Yu, Yangqiu Song, Wilfred Ng, and Dong Yu
ENMLP-2019 [paper][code]

Honors and Academic Services

  • Hong Kong PhD Fellowship 2020
  • Reviewer/External Reviewer/Program Committee: KDD-2021;EMNLP-2021;JAIR;EMNLP-2022;KDD-2023(ADS);ACL-2023;NLPCC-2023;TKDE


  • I like playing guitar and singing. Occasionaly I make some recordings, and post it online. Here is the [bilibili] link.