Jiaxin Mark Bai
Brief Bio
Photod by Jing Ying
I am a PhD student from the CSE department of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology starting from fall 2020, supervised by Professor Yangqiu Song. My research interest is currently in natrual language processing and knowledge graph reasoning.

2020.09 ~

PhD Student

KnowComp, HKUST

Joint Coreference Resolution and Character Linking for Multiparty Conversation

Jiaxin Bai, Hongming Zhang, Yangqiu Song, Kun Xu

Accepted by EACL 2021 [paper][code]

2019.06 ~ 2019.09

Research Intern

Sinovation AI Research

ZEN: Pre-training Chinese Text Encoder Enhanced by N-gram Representations

Shizhe Diao*, Jiaxin Bai*, Yan Song, Tong Zhang, Yonggang Wang

Accepted by Findings of ENMLP 2020 [paper][code]

2018.02 ~ 2019.05


Undergraduate Research Assistant

Supervised by

Yangqiu Song

Multi-Relational Word Embeddings for Selectional Preferences

Hongming Zhang*; Jiaxin Bai* ; Yan Song; Kun Xu; Changlong Yu; Yangqiu Song; Wilfred Ng and Dong Yu

Accepted by ENMLP-IJCNLP 2019 [paper][code]

2018.07 ~ 2019.04


Final Year Project

Supervised by

Huamin Qu

sPortfolio: Stratified Visual Analysis of Stock Portfolios

Xuanwu Yue ; Jiaxin Bai ; Qinhan Liu ; Yiyang Tang ; Abishek Puri ; Ke Li ; Huamin Qu

Accepted by IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) [paper]

B.Eng & B.B.A

2015.09 ~ 2020.06

First Class Honors

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Dual Degree Program in Computer Science and Business Management

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business Management

Minor in Mathmatics

Exchange Student

2017.09 ~ 2018.01

University of Toronto

Academic Exchange in Computer Science Department

High School

2009.09 ~ 2015.06

Chinese Gaokao: 691/750

Beijing National Day School

First Prize in Joint High School Mathematics Competition (Beijing)





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